Päivitetty: 15th April 2007

XS650 Meetings future and history ones

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Here are listed some meetings were the Finnish XS650ers will be present:

8-10th June 2007 Japsistarat
The local VJMC meeting 8-10. June 2007 Sappee
Pirkanmaa and Päijät-Häme borders.
(Try Google Earth' lat=61.3881220676, lon=24.5089552357)

7th July 2007 Around the Vesijärvi tour with XS650s
Start from Vesijärvi harbour of Lahti 10am.
(Try Google Earth' lat= 60°59'38.25"N, lon= 25°38'57.21"E)

27-29th July 2007 Veteran Motorbike Club meeting at Himos

25th August 2007 XS650ers at Vehoniemi

Here are listed some meetings were the Finnish XS650ers were present:

4-6.8.2006 Veteraaniralli Punkaharju

26.8.2006 Jytäristit Vehoniemi

15.7.2006 Around the Vesijärvi tour

Already the fourth time were the sounds of XS650 heard around the lake Vesijärvi.
This time there were ten of us present.

The start was from the harbour of Lahti. Every body were very satisfied with the route
that Hapa, the local XS650er, had laid. 120 kilometers of the Finnish landscape and
curvy backroads.

The picture gallery of the meeting: http://www.xs650.fi/pohja_files/VJ_2006/index.html