Päivitetty: 8th Oct 2006

Magnificent sounds!

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My own experiences on Yamaha XS650 are - surprise - only positive. The bike is easy to maintain,
if you just remember to tighten all the screws and bolts every now and then. The vibrations can
sometimes result disappearing of parts (minor or bigger ones).
XS650 is no drag racer, but plenty of torque is available and the sound is magnificent.
There was a mention in the registration/license papers "90 dBA sound level accepted (1971)"
and I can garantee that my neighbours know when I'm on the road.
The riding position is upright and relaxed. The bottom takes the hardest part in the long
rides but luckily the volume of the gas tank restricts the lenght of the ride. You have to
fill the tank at the first gas station when 150 kilometers is already behind.
I bought my XS650 (1972 XS2) year 2001 and just rode it the first summer. Oil was consumed
and fifth gear did not want to stay engaged.
During the next winter I did the full overhaul: cylinders were bored, bearings changed and
gears replaced. After that there has been no problems in the motor.

Two years ago I did the full disassembly and everything all the needed renovation was done.
The biggest obstacle was to find the color code to be used with the current paints. Luckily
the professional painter could find out the code from the examples having the original paint
in shape.
The bike was examined and accepted to the museum registration summer 2004.

Yamaha has always been the number one for me. I followed closely the two wheel scene
at the beginning of the seventies and of course Jarno Saarinen was my all time favorite
and Yamaha he rode. There it all started.
When it was time for the veteran motorcycles I started with the Yamaha 350 R5 street model
and complemented it with my current Yamaha XS650 twin. The 350 R5 has since found its way
into another garage but Yamaha XS650 still is here and will stay.
I'd have no hesitation to buy a new one if it just would be available. It´s a better machine,
as Yamaha claimed at seventies or Ride with the best, as they say this year.

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