Updated: Feb 21st 2005

Links to the non European XS650 sites

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=> All the XS650 likers join together all over the world.

=> The XS650 Bulletin Board - a quite active place for proper discussion.

=> XS650 Yamaha web site - Ben's excellent effort for yam650 mailing list member's web existence.

=> Doonie's pages now at Ben's site (above) - keeps the XS650 world aware of the southern hemisphere.

=> Searchable yam650list archive - gold mine of info, facts and opinions.
Needs your yam650 list mailing address and password

=> Yam650list pic archive - Look them!

=> Non XS650 related chatting of XS650 people - express yourself.

=> This ring is a brilliant idea but could be more widespread
Yamaha XS650 webring

=> This place has roused excited emotions ;-)

=> All the 650 twin people join together!
650 cc vertical twin owners group